Adult Beginners Quotes

Blanca: Do you always bring your pregnant sister on dates?
Jake: Just when I want to guarantee I won't get laid.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Jake: I'm Jake.
Blanca: Blanca.
Jake: Blanca? But you're not white.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Jake: My sister's pregnant so I'm like staying at her place, kinda helping her out a little bit. Getting my ducks in a row.
Paul: She came in here a couple weeks ago to buy a bra. It was the best.
Jake: Alright cool, man. This is weird.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Jake: You can't get mad at people for napping.
Danny: Dude, we get mad at anybody who gets any sleep.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Blanca: You know what, I love your eye shadow.
Justine: Thanks!
Blanca: It's gorgeous.
Justine: Oh, thank you. I love your hair. It's incredible.
Blanca: Oh my god, thank you! I love your highlights.
Justine: I did these myself!
Blanca: Really?
Justine: Yeah, L'OrÚal.
Jake: This coat's from Old Navy.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Danny: [Jake's ringtone goes off]What is that? Is that that song from The Shining?
Jake: Yeah, this guy wants to kill me.
Danny: I love that song.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Jake: You can basically take the last three years of my life and light them on fire.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Justine: I'm such an asshole.
Jake: You're not an asshole. I mean you're an asshole, but not because of that.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Jake: Is it possible that the girl could have a penis?
Doctor: It's happened before.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Justine: [talking about their childhood]Why were we always trying to sell things that people didn't wanna buy?
Jake: Fuck! I'm still doing that.

Movie: Adult Beginners
Georgia's Dad: [on phone]Lemme call you back, I got a guy here looking for a giraffe.

Movie: Adult Beginners
[first lines] Jake: Hi, I'm Jake Winton. If you're receiving this video, it means that you have invested in MINDS i. It also means that we have raised $2.5 million to start production on the sickest piece of wearable technology on the market today.

Movie: Adult Beginners