Adiós Amigo Quote

Bandit: I think I kill both of ya!
Sam Spade: Now wait a minute! I said I didn't have the money here. I didn't say I didn't know where it was.
Bandit: Good! Now we go somewhere!
Sam Spade: Yeah, we go somewhere! I get on my horse, I go get the money and come back!
Bandit: You go? Come back? Kill him!
Sam Spade: Hold it! No, no! Look, I think you misunderstand my plan! See, I go...I leave my amigo here. If I don't come back you kill him!
Big Ben: Hey, now wait a minute!
Bandit: You keep quiet!
Big Ben: I don't like that idea. I go get the kill him!

Movie: Adiós Amigo


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