Addicted to Love Quotes

Sam: Anton, can I ask you something?
Anton: Sure you can.
Sam: Do you ever get homesick? I mean, do you ever want to go back to France?
Anton: You know, I was never so much French until I came here. You know Superman?
Sam: Uh-huh.
Anton: Well, that's me. I'm Superman. [all the cooks laugh loudly and syncophantically]
Anton: And France was like Krypton. You know, on Krypton everybody was Superman. You make a nice sauce, everybody makes a nice sauce. You say hello to a woman with your French accent, everybody say hello! [all the cooks yodel "hello" with gusto]
Anton: But here, here on Earth, this is the place where I knew I had special powers. I tell the bankers about my little village in France, and they all say, how brave and amazing you are, Anton. I could read the phone book to a woman and they become hypnotized, wet as morning daisies.

Movie: Addicted to Love
Sam: Say what you want, Linda and I are in love.
Maggie: Yeah, except for her boning my boyfriend, you two are the perfect couple.
Sam: Listen, Catwoman. At the end of the day, she is coming back to me, and we're gonna be happy! And where are you gonna be? All alone somewhere, plotting some little revenge scheme, that's where!
Maggie: Let me tell you something, Sam. Listen to me very carefully. Are you listening?
Sam: Yes.
Maggie: The only way that girl is coming back to you is if a blast of semen catapults her across the street and through the window.

Movie: Addicted to Love
Sam: He said something about having sex with my skull.
Maggie: Ah, he says that to everyone, don't worry about it.

Movie: Addicted to Love
[hearing Anton and Linda screaming with ecstasy]
Sam: No, she's not like that! She likes to make love quiet and slow and gentle...
Maggie: Are you kidding? That girl of yours is a carnival ride!

Movie: Addicted to Love
[watching Anton and Linda on the camera obscura, without sound, Sam and Maggie ad-lib their conversation with French accents]
Sam: Look, my darling, I wanted to show you how well my hands fit on top of my knees, and also to give you a little...
Maggie: Get away from me. Get away from me, please. You are rude.
Sam: Oh, but I love you, my little lamb. I must have you. My love is throbbing at quite a fevered cadence.
Maggie: But you cannot have me. My love is reserved for another.
Sam: You cannot mean...?
Maggie: Yes! The Milky Way Man! [on the screen, Anton turns away from Linda]
Sam: No, no, no! Anyone but him! No, this is a man who can predict Alpha Cluster emissions. Next to him, I am nothing. I'm a worm, I'm a little...
Maggie: Yes, I love his emissions. Not every man... [they crack up laughing]
Maggie: ...can be the Milky Way Man.
Sam: No. [on the screen, Anton sulks]
Maggie: What will you do now?
Sam: Forlorn, I will wander the earth by myself - thinking of you and pausing occasionally to have the sex with the skullses. Heh-heh.
Maggie: That's good. Now be quiet about that, or I will make you... [Linda stuffs a pecan into Anton's mouth, and then licks her fingers]
Maggie: Eat another one of these pecans!
Sam: I like! Oh, this is very good.
Maggie: Look how I'm licking my fingers. You like that?
Sam: I like everything, I am French.

Movie: Addicted to Love