ACT Honour Walk Quotes

Pygmalion: For now it is a new year and I know not what is to come around the corner. But I do know that I will attempt to recompose myself after the hardest year of my life. I will attempt to make my future productions higher quality with even more carefully thought out meaning integrated into them. I will try and become less controversial. I will not rush my future productions but I tend to cycle from inspiration to loneliness, and the latter gives me time to promote. I will try and develop methods to get my mind off of my work. I will try and stay out of sight of society. There are people out there who do not like what I am doing. And I will prepare for the court cases that are heading my way. And I will develop the foundations of the first model of an open source republic political party. I will study if I manage to get enough money to pay off my fees, but right now all of my money is going into film festivals because now is the time for documentaries and I am late on many of these anyway, which always bumps up the price for admission. But my work is about to get exposed to the entire world for what it is. And I will stand here and ask if there is anyone out there who will throw the first stone. But I hope in my heart that we can all just learn how to love each other. I love you each and every individual out there in the world. And I hope one day that you can learn to love me. And if you can, then welcome to our new open source world. You have just become a citizen.

Movie: ACT Honour Walk