Absolutely Anything Quotes

Neil Clarke: I can do ANYTHING! Okay... bu... but... what do I *really* want? [Looks down and laughs]
Neil Clarke: GIVE ME A REALLY BIG DICK! [Falls over]
Neil Clarke: Augh! ouch! NOT *THAT* BIG! Obviously! Dick, return to your old size! [Gets up]
Neil Clarke: Agh! Ah... Ok. Um... Let me have a penis that women find exciting! [Looks down]
Neil Clarke: Yeah, it's good, yeah. Could I have it white?

Movie: Absolutely Anything
[Dennis barks] Neil Clarke: What are you talking about, Dennis?... Dennis, shut up, I can handle this!... Dennis, what are you talking about? Actually, that is a really good point, what are you talking about? Dennis, be able to speak!
Dennis: Biscuits!
Neil Clarke: What?
Dennis: Biscuits! For crying out loud, they're in the cupboard!

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: [feeds Dennis]God, it must be terrible being a dog! I never knew you had so many cravings!
Dennis: It's no worse than you and that bitch!
Neil Clarke: What bitch?
Dennis: The bitch you were shagging last night!
Neil Clarke: Oh my god, she's not a bitch, she's a lovely human female! And we weren't shagging!
Dennis: Yes, you were!
Neil Clarke: No we weren't, we were talking!
Dennis: Talking about shagging!
Neil Clarke: No!
Dennis: What else is there to talk about?

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: Give me a body that people find attractive! [He turns into a topless woman]
Neil Clarke: No! A male body! Give me the body of a great man! [Turns into Albert Einstein]
Neil Clarke: No! Give me the body of a man who people find attractive! [Turns into a hunky guy]
Neil Clarke: Better.

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: I'm not going to give you a biscuit until you answer my question!
Dennis: Biscuits! Bread biscuits, black biscuits!
Neil Clarke: Is that all you think about?
Dennis: Nothing else matters! Biscuits, please!
Neil Clarke: Dennis, become a rational thinking creature!
Dennis: Look, I just can't concentrate on anything till I've had one of those biscuits! I know it's crazy, but that's how it is. I guess I'm kinda hooked on them. So please, give me just one biscuit, and I'll be able to think about something else!
Neil Clarke: That makes sense. [goes to the cupboard]
Dennis: Oh, he's getting the biscuits! He's getting the biscuits!

Movie: Absolutely Anything
[on hearing the bell, Dennis gets excited] Neil Clarke: Dennis, listen! Listen, listen, listen! Be quiet! That is an order!
Dennis: Right! Right! I like obeying orders, especially your orders!
Neil Clarke: Good. Then shut the fuck up!... Good boy.
Dennis: Okay... okay... shut the fuck up...

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: Let everybody who died be alive again! [the living dead rise up]

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: [Gets knocked off his bike by a car]Screw you! [the driver of the car sudden feels an invisible person having sex with him]

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Dennis: I wouldn't mind shagging your leg right now...
Neil Clarke: I thought I turned you into a rational thinking creature!
Dennis: Rational thinking creature still have desires!
Neil Clarke: We'll soon deal with that...
Dennis: NO! Don't take my desires away from me!
Neil Clarke: Why not?
Dennis: They wouldn't make my life worth living! Biscuits, shagging!

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: I don't think I like your conversation!
Dennis: But I worship you, master! I love you so much! I can't bear displeasing you! My whole world collapses when you're cross with me!

Movie: Absolutely Anything
Neil Clarke: I could solve every problem in the world!
Dennis: Have you thought this thing through?

Movie: Absolutely Anything