A Run for Your Money Quotes

Editor: Well, now, we must just establish your identity.
David 'Dai Number 9' Jones: Identity?
Editor: Oh, purely a formality, of course.
David 'Dai Number 9' Jones: But I've never had to do that before. They all know me back home, see?
Whimple: But you must have an identity card, don't you?
David 'Dai Number 9' Jones: Well, it's behind the teapot at home, with my union card. Best place for them - I might lose them in London.
Editor: Ah. Heh. [pause]
Editor: Edmund?
Whimple: May I suggest, uh... [dialing gesture]
Editor: Ah, exactly. Ring up the manager of the colliery. No doubt he can help us.
Whimple: Excuse me, sir. [takes phone and dials 0]
Whimple: Get, get me... [pause as he reads the place name again]
Whimple: Heh heh, ummm, uh, H for hyacinth, A for azalea, F for fuschia...
Editor: [taking the phone impatiently] Hafoduwchbenceubwllymarchogcoch 1!
David 'Dai Number 9' Jones: Congratulations, sir!

Movie: A Run for Your Money
Jo: Well, and if you can't be careful, be clever. Bye-bye.

Movie: A Run for Your Money
Thomas 'Twm' Jones: But pawning a harp at any time - there's immorality for you.

Movie: A Run for Your Money