A Resurrection Quotes

Jessie: Nothing will bring him back! Nothing! Eli!

Movie: A Resurrection
Travis: Hey! Let her go, asshole.

Movie: A Resurrection
Jessie: You're an amazing artist, Eli. Are you self-taught? [Eli stays silent]
Jessie: I was sorry to hear about your brother. I really was. I didn't know him, but I hear he was well liked. I know what's it's like to lose a sibling. I lost my sister to cancer five years ago. What is it between you and those others? They're very frightened. You know, these pictures depict some very violent things. You know, sometimes we use art to express the pain we're feeling inside. Some people eat too much. That's what I do. Obviously. Just tell me what's bothering you. Cause, Brandon was saying that he was worried that you were going to do something to hurt them and he was protecting himself. Eli, if this is it, then I need to send those kids home. There's no reason to keep them here. [he doesn't say anything]
Jessie: Then wait outside. I'll have your mother pick you up. Eli.
Eli Driggers: They killed my brother.
Jessie: Who?
Eli Driggers: All of them.
Jessie: Eli, that's a very strong thing to say. Listen, if, if, you haven't been taking your medications...
Eli Driggers: [yelling]I'm taking my meds!

Movie: A Resurrection
Jessie: I don't know why he would ask you to talk to me.
Jessie: You don't know anything? [Nick nods his head 'no']
Jessie: He has fresh bodywork done to his truck.
Nick: I - I - I - I think he may have hit a deer or something.
Addison: How long ago?
Nick: One? No, er - two weeks ago?
Jessie: Nick, someone you know was killed by a hit and run driver. That boy, no matter how screwed up you think he is, lost a brother. If you know something, you have a duty, a duty to say something.
Nick: I don't know anything.

Movie: A Resurrection