A Promise Quotes

Friedrich Zeitz: We are parted by distance, but also by time. Little by little, the past feels more and more like a foreign country. Your letters are all that I have to keep it alive inside of me.

Movie: A Promise
Lotte Hoffmeister: Music can exist without the world but the world cannot exist without music.

Movie: A Promise
Karl Hoffmeister: [having a suit fitted]Anyone would think it was made for you. I'll lend you a top hat too.
Friedrich Zeitz: Is that really necessary, sir?
Karl Hoffmeister: Indispensable.
Friedrich Zeitz: In that case, thank you.
Karl Hoffmeister: No, I thank you for relieving me of these dreary obligations - a Sunday in the country and then an evening in town listening to some fat woman take forever to die.

Movie: A Promise
Karl Hoffmeister: Why deny oneself a pleasure while one is still alive?

Movie: A Promise
[last lines] Friedrich Zeitz: We walked down this very same path with Otto. You remember?
Lotte Hoffmeister: Yes. He kept running on ahead and we'd almost lost him for the umpteenth time. I kept calling him to come back. But actually I just wanted to be alone with you. We were strangers then.
Friedrich Zeitz: As now.
Lotte Hoffmeister: [responding to his touch]Don't ever leave me again. Don't ever leave me.
Friedrich Zeitz: I will never ever leave you from now on.
Lotte Hoffmeister: It took us a long time to get here.

Movie: A Promise