A Midsummer Nights Rave Quote

Debbie: Hi!
Greg: Hey.
Debbie: I'm Debbie!
Greg: Greg.
Debbie: Hi Greg, it'ssogoodtomeetyouhowareyoufeelingareyourolling?
Greg: Yea.
Debbie: CoolsoamI. Areyoufeelinggroovey? I am. I am so into this rave I mean this is like the greatest one I've ever been to and I've been to a lot of raves you know, well a lot of raves and after hoursyou knowthey'redifferent becausepeopleoftengetthem confused they'relikeheydoyou wannagotoarave andI'mexpectingsomethinglikethis and then it turns out to be totally not this youknowit'slikeabarwithsomeblacklightingandafewfoldingchairsinthe parkinglot but this, this is a rave Imeanjustlookatallthepeopleandthedancersandthedj'sandthelightsandthelasersandthemusic and all these greatfabulouspeople likeyou Imean youseemlikesuchasweetguy you'recute andinteresting andpolite andyouhavethispositiveglowaboutyou Ifeellikeweconnected likethere'sa connection, doyoufeelit?doyoufeeltheconnection?
Greg: Could you repeat everything you said after Hi my name is Debbie?

Movie: A Midsummer Nights Rave


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