A Knights Tale Quotes

[last lines]
Roland, Chaucer, Kate: Your round!

Movie: A Knights Tale
Prince Edward: [sighs] What a pair we make, huh? Both trying to hide who we are, both unable to do so. Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough. But you also tilt when you should withdraw... and that is knightly, too.
Prince Edward: [to guards] Release him. [Edward turns to crowd]
Prince Edward: He may appear to be of humble origins, but my personal historians have discovered that he is descendent from an ancient royal line. [crowd murmuring]
Prince Edward: This is my word... and as such is beyond contestation.
Prince Edward: [turns to William] Now, if I may repay the kindness you once showed me... take a knee. [draws his sword]
Prince Edward: By the power vested in me by my father, King Edward, and by all the witnesses here, I dub thee Sir William. [crowd cheers]
Prince Edward: [silencing crowd] Arise... Sir William. Can you joust?
William: What?
Prince Edward: There's my tournament to finish. Now, are you fit to compete, or shall the forfeit stand?
William: No, I'm fit.
Prince Edward: I shall have your opponent informed of it. You look for his shield in the lists... at once.
William: Thank you, my lord.

Movie: A Knights Tale
Adhemar: Why didn't Ulrich finished him?
Jocelyn: He shows mercy.
Adhemar: Then he shows his weakness - that is all mercy is.

Movie: A Knights Tale
Chaucer: Yes, master Falhurst, I'm well aware a good fonging is on the way.

Movie: A Knights Tale
Roland: Well, Master Nude, having failed the test, have you any more to say?

Movie: A Knights Tale
Roland: God love you, William. So do I.

Movie: A Knights Tale