A Fine Mess Quotes

Claudia Pazzo: [Knocks on door and Spence opens it] Good evening.
Spence Holden: Boy, it sure looks that way. Can I take your coat?
Claudia Pazzo: Sure. [Sheds fur coat and walks into the bedroom wearing only panties]

Movie: A Fine Mess
Lady Plumtree: Agnes, how long have you been here?
Stan: [in drag as the maid] About half an hour. [realizing what she has said]
Stan: Oh, heh! [laughs]
Stan: How silly of me! I'm so nervous. Heh, I mean half a year - to be exact, three months!

Movie: A Fine Mess
Officer: Say, Kelly, did a couple of guys come through here?
Other Officer: Yeah, a couple just ran in there, why?
Officer: Well, they was in the park and they had put a couple of benches together so they could have twin beds and when I asked them to move on, the little fella tips his hat and says "yes ma'am." That's what I'm sore about!

Movie: A Fine Mess