A Dark Truth Quotes

[last lines]Jack Begosian: [on the air]At the end of the day all we can do is search for the truth, learn from it, and mostly importantly, defend it. So on behalf of myself, and Francisco Francis, I am Jack Begosian. And you're listening to The Truth. Goodnight, and have a good day.
Jack Begosian: [off the air]And myself, I'm going home. And that's a good place to start.

Movie: A Dark Truth
Jack Begosian: It started about 300 years ago in England with the turning of public lands into private property. And it changed the way we think, the way we view time, and land, and water - and even people. It turned them into units. Commodities to be bought and sold, and therefore exploited.
Radio Caller Woman: Yeah, but what is bought and sold is constant. That's never going to change.
Jack Begosian: You know what Sarah, that is absolutely incorrect. Society need to approve of the things to be turned into commodities before they can be bought or sold. People can be bought or sold, correct? That did happen. As horrific and diabolical as that may sound, it's a fact.
Radio Caller Woman: Yeah, and still slavery happens in some countries today.
Jack Begosian: Regrettably true. But why is it that in western society we no longer buy and sell people.
Radio Caller Woman: Because it's immoral and it's wrong in all aspects.
Jack Begosian: Oh, well is it wrong to sell water? What about air, would it be wrong to sell air?
Radio Caller Woman: Air, I mean come on, I mean you can't sell air.
Jack Begosian: No?
Radio Caller Woman: Well, what if you can't afford it, hmm?
Jack Begosian: There's lots of people all around the world that can't afford much water. And what happens?
Radio Caller Woman: I don't know.
Jack Begosian: They die. Is it so far-fetched, Sarah, you can sell water but you can't sell air?

Movie: A Dark Truth
Jack Begosian: Um, when you can't effect change from within, I mean positive change, you have an obligation if you're at all conscious, to get out and try other things.

Movie: A Dark Truth
Morgan Swinton: I'll stop them from doing that deal in South America, because you know what they'll do down there...
Jack Begosian: Bleed it dry. It will be like trying to suck an elephant through a straw.

Movie: A Dark Truth
Columbian Mercenary: I'm very good at what I do, my friend.
Jack Begosian: So you work both sides, then.
Columbian Mercenary: [smirking]Yeah, but only one side at a time, okay.
Jack Begosian: A man of principles...

Movie: A Dark Truth
Radio Caller Man: You know how the system works, Jack. No client's guilty 'til they run out of money.

Movie: A Dark Truth