A Company Man Quotes

Ji Hyeong-do: Don't take it personally. It's just work.

Movie: A Company Man
Company President: We need reliable candidates with solid military backgrounds or good social skills. Taking on wannabe gangsters will turn us into a bunch of thugs.

Movie: A Company Man
Ji Hyeong-do: You could have run.
Director Jin Chae-guk: Where to? I spent my whole life getting blood on my hands. I can't hope that my kid will be safe.
Ji Hyeong-do: You don't have to do this.
Director Jin Chae-guk: I got nothing to live for. Just do it.
Ji Hyeong-do: There is... nothing in your life?
Director Jin Chae-guk: What do you care?
Ji Hyeong-do: I don't. [bang]

Movie: A Company Man