6 Bullets Quotes

Inspector Kvitko: [pointing at child sex slave corpses]Do you know what these fuckers do when they think they are being raided? They hide the underage girls in the walls! And you last night out here blasting, the first thing they do is shove the kids in the crawlspace. And then you turn the parking lot into a fucking inferno. Well, guess what... fire spreads. [looks down at the burned children]
Inspector Kvitko: Most of them died from smoke inhalation.

Movie: 6 Bullets
[last lines]Stelu: [in a confession booth]Forgive me father, I have sinned. It's been quite a while since my last confession. I... I wonder, does God really forgive, even our worst crimes?
Samson Gaul: [in the next booth disguised as a priest]God might. [looks Stelu in the eye]
Samson Gaul: I won't. [executes him with a silenced pistol]

Movie: 6 Bullets