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"Hamlet Do you see yonder cloud that's almost in shape of a camel Polonius By the mass, and 'tis like a camel, indeed. Hamlet Methinks it is like a weasel. Polonius It is backed like a weasel. Hamlet Or like a whale Polonius Very like a whale."

weasel quote by William Shakespeare

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"Some weasel took the cork out of my lunch."

weasel quote by W. C. Fields

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"Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals... except the weasel"

weasel quote by Homer Simpson

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"The crybabies mental anguish is about as significant as an pine weasel fart in a forest with noone to hear it."

weasel quote by Anonymous

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"I am the Turquoise Woman's Son, On top of Belted Mountain beautiful horses--slim like a weasel! My horse with a hoof like a striped agate, with his fetlock like a fine eagle plume: my horse whose legs are like quick lightning whose body is an eagle-plumed arrow: my horse whose tail is like a trailing black cloud. The Little Holy Wind blows through his hair. My horse with a mane made of short rainbows. My horse with ears made of round corn. My horse with eyes made of big starts. My horse with a head made of mixed waters. My horse with teeth made of white shell. The long rainbow is in his mouth for a bridle and with it I guide him."

weasel quote by Anon.

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"One of our defects as a nation is a tendency to use what have been called weasel words. When a weasel sucks eggs the meat is sucked out of the egg. If you use a weasel word after another there is nothing left of the other."

weasel quote by Theodore Roosevelt

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