Honesty Quotes

We never become really and genuinely our entire and honest selves until we are dead—and not then until we have been dead years and years. Pe...

By Mark Twain
Then let us pray that come it may,— As come it will for a' that,—...

By Robert Burns
I'm not fancy. I'm what I appear to be.

By Janet Wood Reno
An old man, sir, and his wits are not so blunt as, God help, I would desire they were; but, in faith, honest as the skin between his brows.

By Shakespeare
A few honest men are better than numbers.

By Oliver Cromwell
A thread will tie an honest man better than a chain a rogue.

By Scottish Proverb
A wise man admits his weaknesses. I'd admit mine if I had any.

By Source Unknown
Be true to your own act and congratulate yourself if you have done something strange and extravagant to break the monotony of a decorous age.

By Ralph Waldo Emerson
Confess you were wrong yesterday; it will show you are wise today.

By Proverb
Confessed faults are half-mended.

By Scottish Proverb
Confession is always weakness. The grave soul keeps its own secrets, and takes its own punishment in silence.

By Dorothy Dix
Confession, alas, is the new handshake.

By Richard D. Rosen
Do not do what you would undo if caught.

By Leah Arendt
Forgiveness is always free. But that doesn't mean that confession is always easy. Sometimes it is hard. Incredibly hard. It is painful to admit our sins and entrust ourselves to God's care.

By Erwin W. Lutzer
Frank and explicit--that is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and confuse the minds of others.

By Benjamin Disraeli
He who denies all, confesses all.

By Source Unknown
Honest hearts produce honest actions.

By Brigham Young
Honesty has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it. No ulterior motives. No hidden meanings. An absence of hypocrisy, duplicity, political games, and verbal superficiality. As honesty and real integrity characterize our lives, there will be no need to manipulate others.

By Charles Swindoll
Honesty is a question of right or wrong, not a matter of policy.

By Source Unknown
Honesty is as rare as a man without self-pity.

By Stephen Vincent Benet
Honesty is for the most par less profitable than dishonesty.

By Plato
Honesty is the best policy -- when there is money in it.

By Mark Twain
Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.

By Mary Kay Ash
How desperately difficult it is to be honest with oneself. It is much easier to be honest with other people.

By Edward Frederic Benson
I always tell it like it is is the long way of saying, I'm a jerk.

By Michael Lipsey
I grew up in New York, and I have that in me, that be-honest-at-all-costs, don't b.s. me attitude. I say, If you've got something to say about me, say it to my face. And then we'll either talk about it or fight about it.

By Tim Robbins
I saved a girl from being attacked last night. I controlled myself.

By Rodney Dangerfield
If a man of this century was committed to honesty, committed to his highest integrity in all matters

By Wulf Zendik
If any ambitious man have a fancy to revolutionize, at one effort, the universal world of human thought, human opinion, and human sentiment, the opportunity is his own -- the road to immortal renown lies straight, open, and unencumbered before him. All that he has to do is to write and publish a very little book. Its title should be simple -- a few plain words -- My Heart Laid Bare. But -- this little book must be true to its title.

By Edgar Allan Poe
If we put the emphasis upon the right things, if we live the life that is worth while and then fail, we will survive all disasters, we will out-live all misfortune. We should be so well balanced and symmetrical, that nothing which could ever happen could throw us off our center, so that no matter what misfortune should overtake us, there would still be a whole magnificent man or woman left after being stripped of everything else.

By Orison Swett Marden
If you follow only one rule, let it be this one: Be yourself. The really strong boy-girl relationships are based on what people really are, not on what they pretend to be.

By Source Unknown
If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

By Cardinal De Richelieu
Literary confessors are contemptible, like beggars who exhibit their sores for money, but not so contemptible as the public that buys their books.

By W. H. Auden
Look a man in the eye and say what you really think, don't just smile at him and say what you're supposed to think.

By Source Unknown
No one is wise or safe, but they that are honest.

By Sir Walter Raleigh
No such thing as a man willing to be honest --that would be like a blind man willing to see.

By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nothing resembles an honest man more than a cheat.

By Proverb
On this mounting the scaffold to be beheaded: I pray you Master Lieutenant, see me safely up, and for my coming down, let me shift for myself. To the executioner: Pick up thy spirits, Man, and be not afraid to do thy office; my neck is very short; take heed, therefore thou strike not awry, for saving of thy honesty.

By Source Unknown
Open confession is good for the soul.

By Scottish Proverb
There is no twilight zone of honesty in business. A thing is right or it's wrong. It's black or it's white.

By John F. Dodge
To confess a fault freely is the next thing to being innocent of it.

By Publilius Syrus
To live outside the law, you must be honest.

By Bob Dylan
Trade is much superior to piracy. You can rob and kill a man but once, but you can cheat him again and again.

By Louis L'Amour
Truth and honesty are quite different. What a person believes to be true always follows when honesty leads the way. But truth can be asserted when one is being dishonest as well.

By Eric Parslow
When you accept yourself completely you do not have to maintain a phony front, drive yourself to achieve or feel insecure if people tune-in to you and what you are doing.

By Ken Keyes Jr.
Without adversity a person hardly knows whether they are honest or not.

By Henry Fielding
People may or may not say what they mean... but they always say something designed to get what they want.

By David Mamet
People who talk much say nothing.

By Source Unknown
Private and public life are subject to the same rules; and truth and manliness are two qualities that will carry you through this world much better than policy, or tact, or expediency, or any other word that was ever devised to conceal or mystify a deviation from the straight line.

By General Robert E. Lee
Successful people have cultivated the habit of never denying to themselves their true feelings and attitudes. They have no need for pretenses.

By David Harold Fink
Teach thy tongue to say I do not know and thou shalt progress.

By Maimonides
The true measure of life is not length, but honesty.

By John Lyly
There is no right way to do something wrong.

By Source Unknown
Oh for someone with a heart, head and hand. Whatever they call them, what do I care, aristocrat, democrat, autocrat, just be it one that can rule and dare not lie.

By Lord Alfred Tennyson
It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right.

By Winston Churchill
He that jokes confesses.

By Italian Proverb
He that loseth his honesty hath nothing else to lose.

By John Lyly
An honest man's the noblest work of God.

By Alexander Pope
Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit.

By James Allen
In all honesty, they should be,

By Alan Trammell
I love honesty, and she's the most honest person I ever met. I knew a lot of people. You can tell if they're going to be for you or not. I knew that she was for me.

By Dick Brown
It is impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself.

By Ralph Waldo Emerson
It happens every week, so it is not fair to the players, in all honesty.

By Nick Saban
It's a gentleman's game based on honesty. Still, we require that someone see the golfer hit the shot.

By James Bowen
Rhetoric is good for the politician, but even he comes to the point when he must take responsibility for his words.

By A'Yanna Webster
People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty.

By Richard Needham
On this mounting the scaffold to be beheaded: ''I pray you Master Lieutenant, see me safely up, and for my coming down, let me shift for myself.'' To the executioner: ''Pick up thy spirits, Man, and be not afraid to do thy office; my neck is very short; take heed, therefore thou strike not awry, for saving of thy honesty.''

By Source Unknown
If you were to ask anybody at Intel with intellectual honesty, if they had a magic wand, would they go ahead and [integrate the controller]? They'd say yes.

By Henri Richard
It is annoying to be honest to no purpose.

By Ovid
Honesty is always the best policy. You always want to take accountability.

By Lisa Mininni
Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense.

By Anonymous
All mankind lives and each man strives by codes of conduct mutually agreed. Perhaps these codes are good, perhaps theyre bad, its only evident theyre codes. Mores bind the race. Coaction then occurs. Thought and motion in accord. A oneness then of purpose and survival so results. But now against that code there is transgression. And so because the code was held, whatever code it was, and man sought comfort in mans company, he held back his deed and so entered then the bourne in which no being laughs or has a freedom in his heart.

By Ron Hubbard
Would you want to do business with a person who was 99% honest?

By Sidney Madwed
What we demand is integrity and honesty of the research that is rendered,

By Anonymous
We only confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no big ones.

By Francois de La Rochefoucauld
We found in this long journey in a short time a great capacity for honesty, a great solidarity from the people for the Egyptian program for change, for the Egyptian program to reform this nation,

By Ayman Nour
They're the kind of people who were honest. They'd listen and tell me what they thought - the kind of honesty you need when you're trying to perfect your craft.

By Gretchen Wilson
There is something greater than wealth, grander even than fame -- manhood, character, stand for success... nothing else really does.

By Orison Swett Marden
the overall system is almost incompatible with honesty.

By James McGregor
The honest man must be a perpetual renegade, the life of an honest man a perpetual infidelity. For the man who wishes to remain faithful must take himself perpetually unfaithful to all the continual, successive, indefatigable, renascent errors.

By Charles Peguy
The brutal honesty that he brings to the game and to the clubhouse is why we play so hard. He's going to tell you when you're doing great, and he's going to tell you when you screwed up and did something wrong. He's intense. He's passionate. I don't think anything changed from the days when he was a player. That's a huge bonus for us. He's as animated on the field as he is off. Guys feed off that energy that he has.

By Geoff Blum
A man is sorry to be honest for nothing.

By Ovid
If you really want to know who I am, stop looking at my face and start looking at my heart!

By josephcat
Love and F#%K are 2 very powerful words, especially in the wrong hands.

By josephcat
When Truth comes knocking at your door, don't lie.

By markpringle
When you loose the trust of others, you loose your truth

By Paula_Swanson
Maybe I understand other minds very well but I fail to understand mine!

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
When I conceal, I'm a cheater; when I modify, I'm a liar; when I'm silent, I'm cunning; when I raise voice, I'm rude, and when I'm honest, I'm stupid and a fool...

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
I am loyal with everyone, I live in present... whoever I am with, I am 100% in that woman

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
Maybe... I felt incompetent for the very first time in my life, today. Various reasons, and I admit. I hope this feeling is first and the last.

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
A man lives multiple lives but the true and honest life he lives is nowhere but inside his own head.

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad

By philosopher
I dont wanna have kids, I wanna have kittens

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
Noticed something all of a sudden. I did not get migraine attack since 1+ year. I am worried, not kidding but seriously... I used to like that restlessness, pain, irritation... I wish I could get severe headaches... worst migraine attacks...

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
As I stepped aside to save my heart, I then tumbled and dropped my poor mind; Bleeding heart then squealed so hard, That crawling mind finally lost its way...

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
You can pass the salt, but not your fault.--Ernesto P. Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
Some answers you won't get, Replies you won't receive but know I care. - Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

By Kofi_Asokwa-Nkansah
History screams that mistresses have always screwed the lives of countless men... but men are to be blamed for letting them screwed; why blame them alone? Let's be brutally honest!

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
It is bad for a man to be dishonest with others, even worse is it for a man to be dishonest with his own self

By micriches

By Anthony_Thomas
Anyone, who does not care your feelings, emotions and your fairness with words, behaviour or any direction, doesn't consider that his or her claim of any relationship between you based on honesty and truth. Just spend your time also in accordance to tit for tat, as he or she does.

By abu
An ordinary individual, if unfair, can harm the only another individual or at most a family, but an unjust judge damages the fabric of the entire society and possibly the whole nation.

By abu
Healthy play is better than back breaking work. Val Brooklyn Rogers

By race_66val_yahoo
Some people achieve FAME at any cost. Others gain fame with few words. Some are pretentious and spend their lives writing into OBLITERATION building shrines for themselves. VB Rogers

By race_66val_yahoo
The good people always care their goodness, civility, courtesy and fairness. Not the bad.

By abu
If you expect and hope for fair, honest and truthful behaviour from the criminals. It is your great mistake.

By abu
There is no need to degrade and destroy any society: where its media does that, and its officials are corrupt and amoral.

By abu
A conscientious slave is the thousand times greater than a conscienceless free person.

By abu
Do not dishonour yourself with your lies, falsity and tricks.

By abu
I am a simple and sympathy fully human, but I am also a justice, I do not let go the criminals without punishing whatever they have position and power.

By abu
Learn to admire the others. It is the first to overcome your ego.

By abu
Remove all classes of uniform you wear on your eyes, ears and body and read, you will then see the art, and the principle and law. It will also make you a human.

By abu
Any uniform does not mean you are the patriot, and nor endorses that until you prove with your practice.

By abu
Knowledge and honesty make the place one's importance and the dignity in the heart of people.

By abu
Do not regret at unfair people. Just stay fair to show yourself to be apart from them.

By abu
If you want peace honestly in the world, you need to do only that just change your behaviour, and policies: peace is there.

By abu
If the voting or the consensus is not fair, and not based on the neutrality that creates the worse results than the dictatorship.

By abu
One who keeps self humanity safe is honest only

By bldevnath
You are only a judge of your thoughts, it depends on you, how you are going to build that, to become an eminent figure or criminal.

By abu
The nature of everything is, fair and based on justice. We make that unfair and unjust.

By abu
The house decorating with the things and yourself with the dress is nothing as long as you do not furnish your language, talk and your character with the role modesty, decency, morals, sincerity and love of humans.

By abu
Humanity equals zero. For every life saved, there is another that is taken. For every war stopped another has started. Every positive humanity has made has an equal negative, and there is nothing we can do and thats because we are human.

By thatguyyouknow
You may follow, you may also harm, but even you can never bargain the willingness of fair, neutral and straight forward person.

By abu
If the judges, who misuse the law and make the wrong verdict, who else will judge such judges to support the justice to all without any distinction?

By abu
The lie may comfort just for you, but it will harm your generations and the history.

By abu
The injustice, within the justice and lawless, within the law, is the consensus of the few figures, on such crime.

By abu
The unjust jury verdicts are the juristic crimes.

By abu
We write and speak against the corruption or any such things after getting the bribe. When it is the level of honesty, how to expect the positive results?

By abu
There is nothing more powerful than an honest friend, unless it is an honest spouse.

By SophieMaMa