Friendship Quotes

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. Friendship

By Elbert Hubbard
A man's growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends. Friendship

By Ralph Waldo Emerson
But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine. Friendship

By Thomas Jefferson
It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. Friendship

By Ralph Waldo Emerson
One's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human. Friendship

By George Santayana
The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. Friendship

By Elbert Hubbard
The language of friendship is not words but meanings. Friendship

By Henry David Thoreau
The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend. Friendship

By Henry David Thoreau
The only way to have a friend is to be one. Friendship

By Ralph Waldo Emerson
True friends stab you in the front. Friendship

By Oscar Wilde
Without wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have a special face for each friend. Friendship

By Oliver Wendell Holmes
Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

By Mencius
Old friends are best. King James used to call for his old shoes; they were easiest for his feet.

By Anonymous
«Rhyme is what I am when I am with you, but when you are not with me free verse is likely what I am.»--Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
«Let’s go to the field, where everything is not about you or about me, and from there let’s meet.»--Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
«Friendship is to facilitate the betterment of the health and well-being of not just one side, but of both sides.»--Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
«I keep distancing myself, but they keep coming near me; so I made an ocean around me for them to cross it in order to see me. If they make it, they are friends; if not, they are just unrecyclable garbages.»--Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
The value of the one true friend waiting for you tomorrow outweighs the 100 friends you think you have today

By 2bpositive
I gave up on love, I gave up on friendship They cost me too much and offered me little. I was not ripe.

By hardrock
There is no surety of anything but the surety that you must have is that you are not all alone ‘Deep’ is always with u.

By kuldeep_sharma
Friends are like panties....Some crawl up your butt. Some snap under pressure. Some don't have the strength to hold you up. Some get a little twisted. Some are your favorite. Some are holy. Some are cheap. Some are naughty. And some actually cover your butt when you need them to.

By Paula_Swanson
Don't thank me for being a good friend, though blame me when I'm not.

By Sami
Ever have one of those friends that are like a Slinky? You know the ones. They are absolutely useless, but they can always make you smile when you push them down the stairs.

By Paula_Swanson
Friend Today,enemy tomorrow.

By Aroon_George
«A friend is the good Samaritan of tomorrow.»--Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
We lost relation by mind and we get by heart

By Aroon_George
Friendships fade, but the memories locked inside are inescapable.

By Daniel_F_F_
You can be easily forgotten by your friends when they are with their love ones.

By kuldeep_sharma
Friends are just to make fun of your life, and friendship is the way.

By kuldeep_sharma
A friendship lives within the heart, you know it’s there when they do not depart.

By edwardebbs
F****** friends make things work when family and lovers fail...

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
If some friends are curses in disguise then there are enemies who are blessings in disguise.

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
Friendship between men ensures the survival of vainglory.

By Peter_Dorr
The worst enemy sometimes understands you way much better than your very close friend(s).

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
A good friend is he/she that stays on with me even when my life is like the nightfall

By David_Omrenya_Odey
love has no barrier neither is there other type of her attire.

By akewusola_habib
Well, I needed a friend today and I realized I've none handy. 2 are in Delhi, and 1 is in hospital(nothing serious, she's fine, just a drama-queen). My phone-book is filled with clients, employees, followers, pizza, take-away, crossword, PVR, etc. And... I needed a friend today... And no, I'm not depressed or any kinda s*** but I wanted him/her to help me cleaning my house (cleaning my MESS)

By Syed_Amaan_Ahmad
Any friendSHIP or relationSHIP that is not sailing on the sea of love and trust will eventually sink!

By Biola_King
True friends are like life lines. We value those we consider as one

By David_Omrenya_Odey
«If my words get into your skin, be happy...because they don’t run away from you.»--Ernesto P. Santiago

By Ernesto_P_Santiago
Friendship is a bond of life.

A chance to be with a friend is seldom negative, but most likely positive.

By reymast1
Who a man chooses to be around him lets him know who he is

By Dawhiizz-aD
FRIEND whenever you are upset come to me i will take, all your pain and never let you down in grief again.

By mahima
Call God What you will, but He knows what you need. And we all need a good brushing now and again, regardless from where it comes.

By JT_Curtis
The respect to others, and good manners open door for friendship, and affection.

By abu
He, who creates knowingly doubts in anyone's way, he is not considered a friend, but just an enemy.

By abu
True friends are like gem stones in the dark, they lighten your presence in the dark times

By Anthony_Ngabwe
From the long past to the sudden present. It's amazing how people do grow in life. As one never forgets the other in many years. A friendship can still remain very much alive.

By Nyanko_Atreides
If anyone does not tell and talk emphatically and definitely, he or she is just a stalker with its all terms. Never consider such ones as a friend.

By abu
Don't make a stranger of a very old selves.

By kelechi
I do not know what the reality is, but I do know we will remain, the strange each other if we do not introduce ourselves.

By abu
A friend with the motives is not the friend, can be very dangerous more than the enemy.

By abu
Fake friends are like shooting stars, when we are fragile in our lonesome, they exist for a few seconds then gone like forever

By Yanny
Family-ship, friendship, uniform-ship and status cue-ship that all kinds of ships are the shape of the dictatorship and lead to monopoly and are poison to the real democratic system and justice values.

By abu
To respect others with love is the way of opening the doors of the friendship.

By abu
People judge not only your character but also your surroundings and circle of your friends to reach any decision.

By abu
Friendship means only friendship, nothing else. If, you go beyond that you fool yourself with your wrong thinking.

By abu
Friendship or any relationship based on purposes than the sincerity does not improve and nor stay long.

By abu
You become a friend the minute you return my first hello.

By SophieMaMa