Basketball Quotes

He was my first basketball coach,

By Keyon Dooling
All the basketball players in the city, the NBA guys, the coaches, everybody told me to go see Herb. He's shaped the games of so many players.

By Malik Rose
I'd like to have the first 10 minutes of the basketball game back. I thought we played a tremendous last 25 minutes. ... I thought the first 10 minutes we played afraid.

By Laurie Kelly
As a college basketball player, this is what you want a chance to have an opportunity to do.

By Lee Humphrey
It was a great college basketball game, there were a lot of lead changes, the guys were playing hard on both sides. We got back in the game and we had a chance to win it. You have to give UNO credit, they played their hearts out. My guys played well; each team had chances.

By Dave Dickerson
It was basketball that really got me into (high jumping). I still played basketball even after I really got into high jumping, but more than one sport didn't hurt me in the high jump, that's for sure.

By Matt Fisher
He's just a tremendous competitor and we're so happy with him. He just helps us be a better basketball team.

By Johnny Davis
I just feel that the stall ball game is killing high school basketball. It is a strategy to win though and it can work. We also had a tough time guarding Kyle Irwin because he gets inside and draws fouls.

By Rick Clark
If this were women's NCAA basketball, this would be like going into Tennessee - there's nothing like it. We're fired up for this; when you walk out and there are 15,000 people screaming and the walk-out is like the NBA finals - hey, it this doesn't get our kids ready nothing will.

By Scott Bauman
It's been a brilliant season. Two of the squad members are also representing Yorkshire at basketball and we wish them well too.

By Mark Allen
It's great for college basketball, for the league. He brings such a spirit and enthusiasm to the court.

By Tubby Smith
It's great for college basketball.

By Larry Shyatt
Our defensive intensity was spectacular around the perimeter. We're in the elite eight now and we're playing some good basketball against some good teams.

By Randy Reed
She's got a very bright future. She's a very talented young lady who understands the game of basketball and the team concept. She understands her strengths and the strengths of the people around her. You want somebody like her out on the floor playing for you.

By Merle Olberding
Once people start playing the game, they're going to forget we're not in the NCAA Tournament and just play basketball, because that's what we do.

By Connor Barwin
That's probably the best quarter of basketball we've played all year.

By Chris Guess
That team knows how to shoot the basketball. I've been doing this a long time and never saw a team shoot like that before, especially from the perimeter. They were phenomenal.

By Jay Stanley
Platt High School is a very good and very well-coached basketball team. For our kids to stay with them for as long as they did is a major accomplishment for them and something to look forward to for next year.

By Dennis Redican
People have problems throughout society. Basketball isn't any different. We're much more visible targets when it happens.

By Adonal Foyle
Our quickness on defense caused them problems. We're playing our best basketball right now.

By Don Eckerle
Our team is definitely playing its best basketball right now. If you look over the course of the last eight games, we've really been playing great defensive team basketball.

By Ben Howland
Obviously, I'm pleased with the way we played tonight. We got a lot of good basketball from a lot of different players.

By Brian Gregory
It's just dirty basketball. It's plain, outright, dirty basketball. I don't mind the competition, someone going at me on both ends of the floor ... but when guys start throwing elbows and kick you when you're down, that's dirty basketball and I don't respect guys like that.

By Ray Allen
It's just getting better. The quality of basketball in the state is maintaining at a pretty high level. It's something that we get people out here to watch and get little girls interested in playing.

By Kendra Wecker
In college basketball this year, a one and two and three seed are pretty much the same quality team. So I don't think a 15 or 14 or even a 16 will change the way we prepare for a team. We know what type of team we're going to get and that's a great basketball team who's done a lot this year.

By Ibrahim Jaaber
I think his career in basketball has come to the pinnacle at this point where he can celebrate everything he's done with his former players, current players, the players who will come after all of us. This is a testimony to how great of a coach he is, but as a person first and foremost just by the simple fact that he has this much support from everybody he's been around and everyone who's been under his tutelage.

By Ray Allen
I think Texas is a really good basketball state. We're ranked about 15th in our area. That tells you what the competition is like.

By Buddy Carlisle
I had a shirt when I was little, because I played so much basketball, that said, `When you're off, shoot until you're on.' You just keep fighting through it until you get back into the game.

By Josh McCown
I know a lot of people are so excited for George Mason. It's great for college basketball. Believe me, I'm mesmerized.

By Billy Donovan
Helping the Opals win the gold medal is a goal of mine. That will be great for women's basketball in this country.

By Lauren Jackson
Andrew played a great game. He just played outstanding basketball. We need more guys playing at his level.

By Mark Slonaker
You don't feel like an outsider, because at the end of the day it's the basketball game and everything you work for so many years coming up to this point.

By Pokey Chatman
Allen has been playing some great basketball for us and Chris is playing like he did a few seasons ago. We need to keep picking up wins if we're going to be a playoff team.

By Maurice Cheeks
You just want to be playing your best basketball of the season right now. We still have to take care of business at McFarland and go from there. As tough as the Badger South is, I hope that will help us come tournament time.

By Pat Murphy
When you're a GM ? or a personnel manager or assistant GM ? you're already in the basketball world. Which isn't the world of dealing, of business, of thinking how this fits with that. I wanted knowledge that went to another level. I wanted a statistical side other people don't have.

By Leslie Alexander
We?re showing signs of playing our best basketball as we?re approaching March. That?s where you want to be at.

By Marty Barnes
We set basketball back about 100 years in the first half. They shut down everything we tried to do and we shut down everything they tried to do. So in the second half, I played dumb. I told the kids to spread the floor, don't run any sets and just play basketball.

By Phil Colicchio
We were playing in as good of a basketball place there is in the country. We competed for, I would say 40 minutes, but we just didn't do the little things that we needed to do to win the ballgame.

By Mike McConathy
We're not even going to discuss it. It's a basketball team and we've got to focus on what we need to do.

By Phil Jackson
We had some fans claim that they can get a cheaper rate during the State Fair than during state basketball. (CHSAA) thought the problem had been taken care of; then I went to an outreach meeting with some of the small outlying schools and they asked about it again.

By Chuck Howell
We have a student body that is fired up about Bears basketball. It's a whole different level, the best our students have been since I've been here. This is a big game.

By Barry Hinson
We are thrilled to bring College Hoops 2K6 to the Xbox 360. College basketball fans are die-hard, so we worked hard to deliver a game that would bring the intensity of college basketball to life. College Hoops 2K6 creates unique and exciting atmospheres, which are only enhanced by the power of the Xbox 360.

By Greg Thomas
We are very appreciative of Jeff's efforts and dedication to Luther College and the men's basketball program over the past 15 years. Under Jeff's leadership, the men's basketball program has been competitive, continually displayed a high level of integrity, and enriched the lives of our student-athletes both on and off the basketball court.

By Joe Thompson
We are very excited to add Bobby Gonzalez as our head coach to an already storied basketball tradition at Seton Hall. Our search process was very thorough and we talked with extremely talented candidates, but in the end we felt Bobby stood out as the best coach to represent the university and lead our student-athletes. He has an established presence in the metropolitan area and his teams have been perennial winners on the court.

By Joe Quinlan
Tucson is a big basketball city, ... The Wildcats are No. 1, but I think we're second.

By Robert Sarver
To me, he's as unique a college basketball player as I've seen in some time. The thing I love the most is that he loves the game and works tirelessly at the game. You can't have the offensive repertoire that he has unless you spend hour upon hour in the gym. As a coach, that's something you really admire.

By Sean Miller
Tonight, it wasn't spectacular basketball, but it was an absolute dogfight.

By Brian Goorjian
This past week was a really tough, as basketball practice goes from 4-6 p.m. then on to play practice from 6-10 p.m.. There's not too much else to do.

By Jason Shelton
They're a good basketball team and we knew they wouldn't quit. They handled our pressure very well in the first quarter and we couldn't get our run going.

By Mike Waldo
The second half was a back-and-forth basketball game. Give Arkansas credit. They made some plays and their kids played hard and I thought it was a great college basketball game that both teams had a chance to win at times.

By Billy Donovan
Of all of the organized sports I’ve watched throughout my life, Michael Jordan is the best player to play any organized sport…ever!

By markpringle
Basketball reminds me of middle school when both teams argued who had to take me.

By SophieMaMa